Sad day of life

This was shocking news which brings tears in my eyes . This is very painful for all of us .which stopped all of this dreadful day,god decided to take you away .your time ,time to go away . it’s harder than we could think life without we all put minute of silence for .we pray for your soul peace .we want you to come in our life .we known you will shower your blessings on us from there .RIP.                       this post is for my father’s bestfriend .he lost his bestfriend today .he was very close to our family .he was like uncle to me it’s very difficult to release that he is no more with us😥😔 .

When no one was there ,she was there.

A friend like you is hard to find,  

 one that touches you deep inside. 

   You’ve given me strength to carry on,.    

  You’ve offered your hand to hold on.            

When times are tough ,I know you’re there,to offer support and show you care.    If not you I would have drowned,but you help me keep on solid ground I believe you were sent from the god, because he knows the strength of your love. You show that love in so many ways ,it helps me get through my darkest of days.                               

This post is for you Bhavika . I thank God from my bottom of heart for such a beautiful person in my life .you deserve all good things in your life my problem solver your great friend to have I love u cutie pie so much 😘😘😘.